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District Forms

The forms on this page are designed to improve your communication with the District and International. We will be adding forms as they become available. Most of these are Microsoft Word Document files. If you have Word on your computer, you can fill out the form after clicking on it and then click on Files, Save As and then save the file to your hard drive. Or, you can simply print the form out, fill in the blanks and submit it via mail to the District Secretary.

District PU-101 Form due May 18.

Club Officer Manual

Melvin Jones Fellow Application

Lions Sight & Hearing Guide To Get Hearing Aids for Patient

Lions Sight & Hearing Guide To Signing Up an Audiologist

Lions International New Membership Form

Visitation Card in either Word form or PDF form.

Club Extension Forms

Guide to Family Friendly Lions Clubs

Campus Club Guide

Campus Club brochure

Campus Club Specialist Booklet

Cubs - Children