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2015-16 District Contest Forms


Rules applicable to all the District Contests and Awards for 2015-16.


2015-16 General Rules.

2015-16 Bulletin Judging Rules.

2015-16 Bulletin Judging Instructions for Sending Bulletins to Judges.

2015-16 Yearbook Contest Rules.

2015-16 Roving Lions Rules.

2015-16 Short Tail Rules.

2015-16 Long Tail Rules.

2014-15 District Governor's Special Contest Rules.

2015-16 District Activities Rules.

2014-15 100% President and President with Excellence Rules.

2014-15 100% Secretary and Secretary with Excellence Rules.

2014-15 100% Membership Chair and Membership Chair with Excellence Rules.

2015-16 100% Club Rules.

2015-16 District Number One Club by Size Rules.

District Lion of the Year -- The District Governor will select the Lion of the Year.

2015-16 Visitation Card.